Woodford Is Your Local Lubricant Specialist

A Full Range Of Lubricants And Specialty Services

Professional-Grade Lubricants for Every Industry​

Woodford has the lubricants and specialized services your vehicles and equipment need to maximize efficiency and uptime.

As a Chevron 1st Source Elite Lubrication Marketer and a CITGO Lubricants VEKTOR Partner, Woodford offers a comprehensive line of Chevron and CITGO commercial- and industrial-grade lubricants.

We also offer lubricants for the oilfield services industry as well as specialty brands and products including diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), natural gas engine and compressor oils, triethylene glycol (TEG) and other glycols and chemicals.

Our General Product List

Commercial Lubricants Equipment Loan Program

Woodford’s Commercial Lubricants Equipment Loan Program provides on-site storage tanks to make sure your business never runs out of critical lubricants.

We’ll get you the right equipment for your needs, transport it to your job site, and deliver the lubricants as needed.

Woodford On-site Lube Van

Woodford's On-staff Experts Excel At Problem-solving

Woodford’s most unique characteristic may be our ability to tap the professional expertise of our employees to help customers solve their toughest lubrication and equipment maintenance issues, and troubleshoot any technical problems.

Woodford’s expert staff, including Fuel Technicians, Chemical Engineers, Certified Lubrication Specialists (STLE-CLS) and Certified Oil Monitoring Analysts (STLE-OMA-1) are trained to help customers cut their operating costs, minimize equipment downtime, extend the life of their equipment, and keep their entire operation running smoothly.

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