Professional-Grade Lubricants for Every Industry


As a Chevron 1st Source Elite Lubrication Marketer and a CITGO Lubricants VEKTOR Partner, Woodford offers a comprehensive line of Chevron and CITGO commercial- and industrial-grade lubricants.

We also offer lubricants for the oilfield services industry as well as specialty brands and products including diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), natural gas engine and compressor oils, triethylene glycol (TEG) and other glycols and chemicals.


Woodford’s expert staff, including fuel technicians, chemical engineers, and STLE-certified lubrication specialists and oil monitoring analysts, are dedicated to helping our commercial and industrial customers improve their operations and save money.

We’ll help you cut your operating costs, minimize downtime, extend the life of your equipment, and keep your entire operation running smoothly.

Learn more about the capabilities and training of our staff and how they can help your company tackle a wide range of issues.


Woodford’s Equipment Loan Program provides on-site storage tanks to make sure your business never runs out of critical lubricants.

We’ll get you the right equipment for your needs, transport it to your job site, and deliver the lubricants as needed.


Lubrication management for multiple heavy vehicles and equipment can be difficult, especially if the job site moves. That’s why we recently rolled out the Woodford On-site Lube Van: Service that moves with your job.

Specifically designed for customers in industries such as infrastructure development, transportation, civil construction, and oil & gas, this service is like having your own on-site bulk plant—but it’s mobile, to easily and quickly move to the next site.

This solution is perfect for large site development, such as roads, highways, bridges, dams, and airports, as well as excavation, water infrastructure, landfills, stone quarries, and a host of other projects.

Woodford’s On-site Lube Van is the better alternative to stationary tanks. We deliver to your job site, on your schedule, and keep the van stocked with high-quality lubricants so service is always ready when you are.

Contact us for more information on our commercial & industrial products and services.


Customer service is a top priority at Woodford.

Read what some of our customers are saying about their experience working with us.


  • Sep 28, 2023

    Woodford Oil: Fueling Connections and Giving Back to Local Communities

    At Woodford Oil Company, we believe that building strong relationships with our customers goes beyond just providing quality fuels, lubricants, propane and other products and services.

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  • Jul 27, 2023

    On the Road with Woodford Transport

    Freight transportation is something we often take for granted, but the economy wouldn’t go anywhere without it. When companies need to move product from Point A to Point B, they need a reliable carrier—a company like Woodford Transport.

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  • Jul 25, 2023

    Great News! Chevron’s Kick Some Ash & Save Some Cash Promo Has Been Extended Through September!

    Now through September 30, you can receive up to a $2,500 rebate on your first order of Chevron Delo 600 ADF 10W-30 or 15W-40 engine oil.

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  • Jul 5, 2023

    Woodford Expands in Tri-State Area with the Purchase of Stash Oil

    Woodford is excited to announce our latest expansion in the Tri-State area of northern West Virginia, southern Pennsylvania, and western Maryland!

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  • Jun 29, 2023

    First Around the Track: How Woodford Oil Fuels Gunner Johnson

    It’s racing season! In this blog, we talk to dirt car racer and long-time Woodford Oil customer Gunner “Gunner Man” Johnson.

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  • Jun 13, 2023

    Woodford Hosts Safety Summit

    In connection with National Safety Month, Woodford just hosted a Leadership Safety Summit for managers to learn, connect, and invest in our company’s safety culture. Leadership and management from all Woodford market areas attended the event last week in Morgantown, WV.

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  • May 30, 2023

    How Woodford Oil Company Helps Make Summer Driving a Breeze

    Summer is nearly here! If your business ramps up its driving during the summer months, there’s no need to worry about how to efficiently fuel your vehicles. Learn how Woodford Oil Company and the Woodford Express Fueling Network have you covered all summer long.

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  • May 25, 2023

    Follow us on Instagram!

    Woodford is now on Instagram! Check us out and follow us!

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  • May 18, 2023

    Calling All Students for Chevron TRC 2023

    The 2023 Chevron Tractor Restoration Competition is now open!
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  • May 4, 2023

    Woodford Supports West Virginia Truck Driving Championship

    Last weekend, Woodford was proud to donate use of a transport truck and full tanker for the tanker division competition of the West Virginia Truck Driving Championship in Parkersburg.

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  • Apr 27, 2023

    How To Maximize Productivity on the Farm this Planting Season

    Spring is here, and so is planting season! Whether your farm is large or small, Woodford can supply all of your vehicles and equipment with top-quality agricultural fuels, lubricants, propane, and time-saving services like mobile fueling, equipment rental, remote tank monitoring, rapid delivery and automatic refueling service.

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  • Apr 18, 2023

    Havoline PRO-RS: 25% Plant Based, 100% Performance

    Do you want a motor oil that provides improved fuel economy retention, outstanding emissions control, and 37% lower carbon intensity than typical full synthetic oil? Then check out Chevron Havoline PRO-RS, a full synthetic oil that includes 25% sustainably sourced plant-based oils.

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  • Mar 30, 2023

    Construction Season: How Woodford Can Help You Succeed

    Spring is in the air, which signals the arrival of construction season. If you’re a contractor or builder, you know that the success of your project depends on having the right materials and equipment. That includes high-quality fuels and lubricants to keep your vehicles and machinery running smoothly and efficiently.

    [ More ]
  • Feb 7, 2023

    Kick Some Ash and Save Some Cash with Chevron Delo® 600 ADF

    If you want to give your fleet of on-road and off-road diesel engines the high performance and long life they deserve, then there’s never been a better time to try out Chevron Delo® 600 ADF engine oil.

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  • Jan 24, 2023

    The Delo Difference: Improved Fuel Economy

    Did you know that switching your motor oil to advanced lubricants like Chevron Delo 600 ADF and Delo 400 XSP can result in up to a 5% improvement in fuel efficiency?

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  • Jan 5, 2023

    The Delo Difference: Extended Drain Intervals

    Vehicle and equipment downtime is the enemy of success. But with the right engine oil, you can extend oil drain intervals, while keeping your equipment safely protected and on the job longer.

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  • Dec 27, 2022

    Can Chevron Delo 600 ADF Help Lower My Operating Costs?

    In this blog, we’ll discuss a common problem encountered by modern-day diesel engines, the business impact of that problem, how Chevron Delo 600 ADF helps solve that problem, and how Woodford Oil Company can help you determine if this advanced lubricant is a good choice for your fleet!

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  • Dec 22, 2022

    The Delo Difference: How Does Oil Extend Engine Life?

    Did you know that choosing the right engine oil can help you save money by reducing the frequency of required maintenance and extending the life of your engine?

    [ More ]
  • Oct 11, 2022

    CITGO Guaranteed Efficiency Program

    While Woodford carries multiple lubricant brands, CITGO is an industry leader and may be the best choice for your vehicle and equipment fleet. This blog focuses on the CITGO Guaranteed Efficiency Program and how Woodford, together with professional-grade CITGO lubricants, can help meet your company’s lubrication needs.

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  • Aug 4, 2022

    Woodford Supports Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Efforts

    In coordination with the Kentucky Petroleum Marketers Association and its members, Woodford provided logistical services to haul cleaning supplies, bottled water and other necessities to Eastern Kentucky flood victims yesterday.

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  • Jul 21, 2022

    Woodford Offers a Full Range of Fuels, Lubricants, Propane and Solutions for Farmers

    Does your farm need fuel, lubricants, propane or help solving a difficult equipment maintenance issue? Then contact Woodford!

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  • Jun 27, 2022

    Woodford Converts Hall Drilling to Chevron Lubricants

    Woodford recently added Hall Drilling as a customer and converted the company’s fleet and equipment to Chevron lubricants. Hall Drilling is one of the most respected oil & gas companies in the Appalachian Basin, with over 300 skilled industry employees.

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  • Jun 22, 2022

    Proactive vs. Reactive Maintenance

    Every maintenance manager has his or her own set of maintenance guidelines for vehicles and equipment that inform their approach to day-to-day work. But success is usually maximized when several different maintenance approaches work together, rather than using just one. And it helps to have a partner in your corner to help troubleshoot any issues.

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  • Apr 20, 2022

    Lubricants: What Type Is Best For My Equipment?

    What are the best commercial lubricants to use to keep your equipment running as efficiently as possible? Woodford has the answer.

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  • Feb 25, 2022

    Diesel Exhaust Fluid: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

    Not all diesel exhaust fluids (or suppliers) are created equal. There are a number of factors worth considering before making your next DEF purchase. Read on to discover Woodford’s top tips!

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  • Jan 5, 2022

    New Chevron Delo Promotion Can Earn You $3,000!

    Start the new year right by switching your diesel engine oil to the highest performing Chevron Delo® products and take advantage of a valuable promotion at the same time!

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  • Dec 22, 2021

    Woodford Supports Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Efforts

    This week, Woodford delivered a truckload of bottled water to the Benton County, KY, Emergency Operations Center for distribution to those hard hit by the recent tornadoes.

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  • Sep 16, 2021

    Delivering ISOCLEAN® Certified Lubricants to Charleston, WV

    This morning we’re leaving Morgantown to deliver 16 totes of Chevron ISOCLEAN® GST 46 Turbine Oil to a customer in Charleston, WV. The product is certified to an ISO Cleanliness Code of 16/14/12.

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  • Aug 12, 2021

    Fishing Pro Alton Jones, Jr.’s Tips on Making the Perfect Cast

    Fishing pro and Mystik Lubricants user Alton Jones, Jr. is no stranger to reeling in a big bass, but what about his casting skills?

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  • Aug 4, 2021

    Cam Reimers Uses Mystik JT-8 Super Heavy Duty Engine Oil

    Professional dirt track racer Cam Reimers is also a farmer, and he uses Mystik JT-8 Super Heavy Duty Synthetic Blend Engine Oil in his tractor. Check out the video to find out why.

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  • Jul 28, 2021

    “If it’s New, it Must be Clean,” and Other Lubricant Misconceptions

    Did you know that oil can be transferred eight times prior to reaching your equipment—exposing it to particulate contamination at each transfer point? “New” oil can actually contain up to 32 times as much particulate matter as OEM standards allow.

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  • Jun 23, 2021

    Mark Gomez Uses Mystik For Maximum Performance And Engine Protection

    For professional jet skier Mark Gomez, Mystik JT-4 2-Cycle Premium Plus Outboard Engine Oil is the lubricant of choice for maximum performance and engine protection.

    [ More ]
  • Jun 15, 2021

    Why Does Fishing Pro Alton Jones, Jr. Trust His Boat to Mystik?

    Mystik’s full line of marine engine oils and lubricants are designed to provide maximum protection under the most demanding marine conditions.

    [ More ]
  • Jun 11, 2021

    Woodford Named A CITGO Lubricants VEKTOR Partner

    Woodford Oil Company is proud to be named a CITGO Lubricants VEKTOR Partner!

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  • Jun 8, 2021

    Why Do Farmers Trust Mystik?

    Mystik Lubricants have been tested in the real world—from planting to harvesting—to ensure you get the most life out of your equipment.

    [ More ]
  • May 19, 2021

    Delo 600 LubeWatch Offer Extended!

    It’s official! The Chevron Delo 600® LubeWatch® promotion has been extended! Now through December 31, purchasers of Delo 600 ADF diesel engine oils can get free fluid analysis testing and lubrication performance reviews through the LubeWatch Oil Analysis Program.


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  • May 5, 2021

    Scott Kiser Named Chairman of KPMA Board of Directors

    Woodford Oil Company Executive Vice President Scott Kiser has been named chairman of the Kentucky Petroleum Marketers Association (KPMA).

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  • Apr 7, 2021

    Kick Some Ash and Earn Up to a $2,500 Rebate!

    Earn up to a $2,500 rebate from Chevron if you switch your current diesel engine oil to the new Chevron Delo® 600 ADF 10W-30 or 15W-40.

    [ More ]
  • Mar 24, 2021

    Mystik® JT-9 LeakShield® AW Hydraulic Oil

    Did you know that a small hydraulic leak of just one drop of oil per second is equal to 420 gallons in a 12-month period? That’s a lot of lost fluid. But the potential costs of hydraulic leaks are much greater than the hydraulic oil itself.

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  • Mar 17, 2021

    See Our Customer Reviews and New, Online Credit Application

    Woodford offers competitive rates, premium service and safe, dependable delivery of petroleum fuels, lubricants, chemicals—and now propane. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what our customers are saying about us! And while you’re here, navigate over to our new, online credit application, where it takes just a few minutes to apply for an account!

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  • Jan 27, 2021

    Woodford Delivers in Central West Virginia!

    Woodford Oil Co. provides a full line of professional-grade petroleum fuels and lubricants to commercial, industrial, mining, and farming industry customers in central West Virginia, including Marlinton, Webster Springs, Cowen, Craigsville, and Summersville.

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  • Dec 11, 2020

    Chevron Delo® 600 ADF with Free LubeWatch® Oil Analysis

    Ash build up in your vehicle’s Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) can be costing you significant time and money. Don’t let that happen!

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  • Oct 28, 2020

    Woodford Commercial Lubricants Equipment Loan Program

    Did you know that Woodford’s Commercial Lubricants Equipment Loan Program provides on-site storage tanks to make sure your business never runs out of critical lubricants?

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  • Oct 22, 2020

    $1,500 Switch & Save Promotion Extended Through November!

    Great news! Chevron’s Switch & Save promotion has been extended through November!

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  • Oct 15, 2020

    Watch for our New CITGO Lubricants Trailer!

    While you’re enjoying the nice fall weather, keep an eye out for our new CITGO lubricants trailer!

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  • Sep 2, 2020

    The Benefits of a Best-in-Class Lubrication Assessment

    Do you want to know how your lubrication program ranks vs. your competitors? If so, then contact Woodford to schedule a Chevron Best-in-Class Lubrication Assessment.

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  • Aug 26, 2020

    The Five Elements of a Best-in-Class Lubrication Assessment

    Do you want to increase your business productivity, lower your costs and increase your profits? Then contact Woodford to schedule a Chevron Best-in-Class Lubrication Assessment.

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  • Aug 19, 2020

    Increase Equipment Reliability and Cut Maintenance Costs

    Do you want to increase equipment reliability and cut your lubrication maintenance costs by up to 37%? Then contact Woodford to schedule a Chevron Best-in-Class Lubrication Assessment.

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  • Aug 13, 2020

    Are You Getting the Full Potential From Your Lubricants?

    Is your business experiencing lower equipment reliability levels compared with manufacturer design criteria? The problem could be with your lubricants. Let Woodford help you optimize your business with a Chevron Best-in-Class Lubrication Assessment.

    [ More ]
  • Jul 23, 2020

    Avoid Breakdowns with CITGO’s Summer Car Care Guide

    It’s summertime and that means hot weather, road trips, and, unfortunately, the chance for vehicle breakdowns. Don’t let that happen to you, especially if your car is 10 years old or older!

    [ More ]
  • Jul 15, 2020

    Kick Some Ash!

    Whether you have off-highway or on-highway equipment, ash build up in your vehicle’s Diesel Particulate Filter can be costing you significant time and money. Don’t let that happen. Kick some ash with Delo 600 ADF heavy-duty engine oil!

    [ More ]
  • Jun 25, 2020

    Switch & Save Is Back!

    Chevron’s Switch & Save new account rebate promotion is back! If you weren’t able to take advantage of it last year, now’s the time!

    [ More ]
  • Jun 10, 2020

    Mystik Lubes Advisor Helps Pick the Right Lubricant for Your Equipment

    Ever wonder which lubricant is right for your vehicle or equipment? Mystik Lubes Advisor can help.

    [ More ]
  • May 27, 2020

    Create Greater Equipment Reliability and Productivity at Your Worksite

    As construction season moves into high gear, a new Chevron industrial lubricants brochure discusses how to create greater equipment reliability and productivity at your worksite.

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  • May 13, 2020

    The 2020 Chevron Delo® Tractor Restoration Competition is Now Open!

    The annual TRC was established in 1997 to recognize and reward the creativity, technical aptitude and business knowledge of high-school-aged students from around the country. Woodford has been proud to support this competition in the past.

    [ More ]
  • Apr 15, 2020

    Woodford Encourages Paperless Billing in Response to Coronavirus

    Go paperless and help stop COVID-19!

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  • Mar 31, 2020

    Chevron Delo 600 ADF Now Comes with Free LubeWatch Oil Analysis

    It’s a great time to try Chevron’s new Delo® 600 ADF heavy-duty engine oil because customers can now get free oil analysis testing and lube performance reviews through the Chevron LubeWatch® Oil Analysis Program. Additionally, both Delo 600 ADF 10W-30 and 15W-40 are now ISOCLEAN® certified!

    [ More ]
  • Feb 14, 2020

    Coolants Shouldn’t Damage What They’re Designed to Protect

    Did you know that commonly used nitrited coolants can damage modern aluminum cooling systems? Now there’s a reliable and effective way to protect your cooling system—without having to rely on unreliable radiator conditioners.

    [ More ]
  • Jan 30, 2020

    Pop Quiz! … What Is Tribology?

    Hint: It has a direct impact on the operation of vehicles and machinery.

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  • Jan 16, 2020

    Woodford Meets Growing DEF Demand in Tri-State Area

    Meet the latest addition to Woodford’s Ashland, KY fleet! This 2,000-gallon diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tankwagon will help us meet growing customer demand for DEF in the Tri-State area of KY, OH and WV.

    [ More ]
  • Jan 8, 2020

    Diesel Particulate Filter Clogging: The Problem & The Solution

    Did you know that ash build up in your truck’s Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) can lead to higher operating and maintenance costs? Find out what this problem could be costing you, and an easy solution.

    [ More ]
  • Nov 21, 2019

    Great News! Chevron’s Switch & Save Promotion Has Been Extended through January!

    Now through January 31, all new Chevron customers who purchase qualifying products (or existing customers who upgrade or add a new qualifying product) can earn an increased rebate of up to $2,000 from Chevron!

    [ More ]
  • Nov 13, 2019

    Chevron Launches Delo 600 ADF with OMNIMAX

    Chevron just announced its latest heavy-duty engine oil—Delo 600 ADF with OMNIMAX™, a technology that delivers maximum protection to both the engine and the emissions system.

    [ More ]
  • Oct 30, 2019

    Techron Offseason Storage Tip!: Winterize Your Powersports Vehicles and Small Engines

    No matter what type of powersports vehicle you ride or outdoor power equipment you operate, if it runs on gasoline and you are storing it for more than a few weeks, you should be sure to stabilize your fuel with a top-quality additive like Techron Powersports & Small Engine.

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  • Oct 23, 2019

    Techron Offseason Storage Tip!: Use a High-Quality Fuel Stabilizer When Winterizing Your Boat

    When storing your boat for the offseason, you want to make sure that it will start back up easily and with maximum power the following spring. Using a high performance fuel additive, like Techron Marine, before storage will stabilize your fuel and protect your entire fuel system from gum build up, corrosion and varnish.

    [ More ]
  • Oct 1, 2019

    Woodford Expands in Tri-State Area with Purchase of Brock Oil Business

    Woodford is excited to announce our latest expansion in the Tri-State area of northern West Virginia, southern Pennsylvania, and western Maryland!

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  • Sep 4, 2019

    Chevron ISOCLEAN: Why Measuring Lubricant Cleanliness Is Important

    Did you know that failing to monitor lubricant cleanliness can cost you money? That’s why it’s vital to regularly monitor lubricant health.

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  • Aug 28, 2019

    Woodford Nominated for Best of Somerset County Award

    Woodford is honored to have been nominated for a Best of Somerset County, PA reader’s choice award from Daily American Media!

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  • Aug 14, 2019

    Chevron ISOCLEAN: How to Reduce Wear with a Clean Oil Program

    Did you know that particle contamination is the number one cause of lubricant-related equipment failure? And that contamination causes an estimated 82% of component wear? The solution to this problem is as easy as 1-2-3.

    [ More ]
  • Aug 7, 2019

    Chevron ISOCLEAN: New Oil May Not be Clean Enough

    Did you know that typical new oil can contain up to 32 times more contaminant particles than what your original equipment manufacturer deems acceptable?

    [ More ]
  • Jul 30, 2019

    Chevron ISOCLEAN: Why Do Machines Require Clean Lubricants?

    Did you know that particulate contamination in lubricants is the leading cause of machine failure? And that the particles that do the most damage are so small they can’t be seen with the naked eye?

    [ More ]
  • Jul 15, 2019

    Beat the Heat By Claiming a Cool $1,500!

    Through October 31, all new Chevron customers who purchase qualifying products (or existing customers who upgrade or add a new qualifying product) can earn a rebate of up to $1,500 from Chevron!

    [ More ]
  • Jun 19, 2019

    Woodford & Techron: A Checklist for Putting Your Boat Back in the Water

    It’s boating season! We hope you enjoy your time on the water, but don’t forget that proper engine maintenance is just as important for your boat as it is for your car or truck.

    [ More ]
  • Jun 5, 2019

    Got tractor? Then Woodford’s got your back!

    Woodford Oil Co. delivers a full line of professional-grade fuels and lubricants to farming and agriculture industry customers across the Tri-State Region. With trucks based in Markleysburg, PA, and Morgantown, WV, Woodford is your local Tri-State Region supplier.

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  • May 13, 2019

    Woodford Delivers in the Tri-State Region

    Woodford provides a full line of professional-grade petroleum products to commercial, farming, home heating, industrial, mining, and convenience store customers across the Tri-State Region—including Somerset County, PA; Preston County, WV; and Western Maryland.

    [ More ]
  • May 1, 2019

    Mystik High-Tech Lubricants

    Mystik’s line of high-tech, performance lubricants can improve your truck’s reliability while reducing downtime.

    [ More ]
  • Apr 18, 2019

    CITGARD Engine Oil – Proven by the Driven

    CITGO’s CITGARD line of heavy-duty engine oils will help keep your vehicles and equipment running cleaner, longer and more efficiently.

    [ More ]
  • Mar 19, 2019

    Chevron ISOCLEAN: Typical New Oil Could be Damaging Your Equipment

    Did you know that contaminant particles in typical new hydraulic oil can reduce your equipment’s ability to prevent internal leakage and maintain proper flow and pressure?

    [ More ]
  • Jan 2, 2019

    Chevron ISOCLEAN: System Filters Are Not Enough Protection

    Did you know that relying on system filters to clean up lubricants can cause significant component damage in the hours it takes to clean that oil to the level recommended by equipment manufacturers? That can lead to costly equipment downtime and lost production.

    [ More ]
  • Dec 20, 2018

    There’s a (Woodford) App for That!

    Woodford just launched a new Customer Portal and set of mobile apps to enable our customers to access their account information anytime, anywhere. The portal works on all desktop and mobile platforms, including PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets.

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  • Dec 4, 2018

    Merry Woodford Christmas!

    Woodford wishes all of our customers & friends a joyful holiday season!

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  • Nov 20, 2018

    Not All Diesel Exhaust Fluids Are Created Equal

    Do you know whether the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) you’re using meets industry standards?

    [ More ]
  • Nov 7, 2018

    Chevron ISOCLEAN: A Better Way to Maintain Your Equipment

    Did you know that many brand new lubricants often are not clean enough for the equipment they’re used in? That can result in costly equipment downtime and lost production. This problem is solved by starting clean with Chevron ISOCLEAN Certified Lubricants.

    [ More ]
  • Oct 24, 2018

    Proactive vs. Reactive Hydraulic Maintenance

    Do you find yourself reacting to lubrication-related machinery problems instead of anticipating and dealing with issues before they become a problem?

    [ More ]
  • Oct 11, 2018

    Access the Lubrication Video Library

    Do you have questions about lubricants, machine reliability or oil analysis? Or maybe you just want a few pointers or technical advice for your in-house lubrication program?

    [ More ]
  • Sep 5, 2018

    Contact Woodford for a Free Oil Analysis with LubeAlert

    Keep your engine in top condition with the CITGO LubeAlert® Fluid Condition Monitoring service. Contact the lubricant experts at Woodford for all CITGO, Mystik and Clarion Lubricants, and ask us how to get a free oil analysis with LubeAlert.

    [ More ]
  • Aug 22, 2018

    CITGO Lubricants: Specially Formulated Solutions for the Natural Gas Industry

    For more than 70 years, CITGO has provided a variety of specially formulated lubricants for the wide operational conditions encountered in the natural gas industry. Contact the lubricant experts at Woodford for all CITGO, Mystik and Clarion lubricants.

    [ More ]
  • Aug 8, 2018

    Proven CITGO and Mystik Lubricants for the Mining Industry

    The mining industry operates in some of the harshest, most challenging environments, pushing the limits of lubrication design. CITGO and Mystik offer cutting-edge lubricant solutions for these severe conditions.

    [ More ]
  • Jul 17, 2018

    Mystik: A Complete Line of Lubricants as Reliable as the Road is Long

    Truckers knows that turning wheels are earning wheels. And if you’re in the service bay, you’re losing time and money. That’s why Mystik Lubricants offers a complete line of engine oils, greases and fluids specially formulated to protect your vehicle from the most brutal conditions. Contact Woodford for all CITGO, Mystik and Clarion lubricants.

    [ More ]
  • Jul 5, 2018

    Contact Woodford for All Mystik JT-6 Premium Greases

    Mystik’s popular line-up JT-6 premium greases performs even under the most extreme conditions. But how do you know which grease is best for your specific application?

    [ More ]
  • Jun 6, 2018

    Start Clean To Stay Clean

    Most businesses recognize the importance of oil cleanliness in reducing the risk of damage to equipment components. But they often misunderstand the capabilities of equipment filters.

    [ More ]
  • May 9, 2018

    Get Your Free Fleet Maintenance e-Book!

    How do you improve your maintenance plan and increase fleet uptime? Chevron teamed up with Fleet Owner magazine to publish this 29-page guide geared to small and medium-size fleet operators.

    [ More ]
  • Apr 12, 2018

    Woodford Now Offers PitPack!

    Woodford now offers the Chevron/Havoline PitPack® easy-dispense motor oil system—a new product that’s ideal for tire shops, quick lubes, auto repair facilities or anyone in the oil change business.

    [ More ]
  • Mar 27, 2018

    Get the Spring Edition of the Woodford Advantage!

    The Spring edition of our e-newsletter, the Woodford Advantage, was just sent out!

    [ More ]
  • Feb 13, 2018

    Contact Woodford for Mystik Lubricants

    It’s snowmobile season! And the owners of snowmobiles and other performance machines always want the best lubricants to protect their equipment under the harshest of operating conditions.

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  • Dec 22, 2017


    Contact the lubricant experts at Woodford to find out how we can help you maximize the value of your fleet.

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  • Dec 4, 2017


    For the fourth straight year, Woodford Oil Co. was named a Silver Medalist at Chevron’s Momentum Leadership Conference, held last month in Florida. In addition, Woodford also received the Chevron Diamond Award.

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  • Nov 28, 2017


    Did you know that the way you select, store and use lubricants can have a huge impact on your total cost of equipment ownership? Let Woodford help you optimize your business with a Chevron Best-in-Class Assessment.

    [ More ]
  • Nov 14, 2017

    ISOCLEAN 101

    The more contaminants you can keep out of your lubricants, the more reliability and performance you can expect to get out of your equipment.

    [ More ]
  • Oct 19, 2017


    The first edition of our e-newsletter, the Woodford Advantage, was just sent out! If you’re not already on our list, be sure to sign up to receive the next edition!

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  • Sep 28, 2017


    Woodford has the products, services, knowledge and expertise to help you increase equipment reliability and avoid equipment failure and downtime.

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  • Aug 29, 2017


    Woodford is pleased to sponsor the West Virginia Energy Expo in Morgantown on Wednesday, October 4.

    [ More ]
  • Jul 26, 2017


    Check out Chevron‘s webinar with Farm Journal Media on how new API CK-4 diesel engine oils can help reduce maintenance costs and optimize equipment life for off-highway vehicles like tractors and farm equipment.

    [ More ]
  • Jun 28, 2017


    Woodford Oil Co. provides a full line of professional-grade petroleum products to commercial, industrial, mining, and farming industry customers across the Mountain State.

    [ More ]
  • Jun 6, 2017


    Woodford Oil Co. offers a full line of industrial-grade petroleum products specially formulated for the oil & gas industry. Whatever your needs, Woodford delivers—directly to your site in Pittsburgh and throughout Allegheny County.

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  • May 23, 2017


    Woodford Oil Co. offers a full line of industrial-grade petroleum products specially formulated for the oil & gas industry, including fuel, natural gas engine and compressor oils, hydraulic system fluids, specialty lubricants, TEG, and other glycols and chemicals.

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  • May 2, 2017


    Woodford Oil Co. offers a full line of petroleum products specially formulated for the agriculture industry, including fuel, heavy-duty truck and tractor motor oils, gear lubricants, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), tractor transmission fluids and chemicals.

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  • Apr 20, 2017


    Woodford Tank Watch, powered by Centeron®, is now available! This service offers commercial customers remote monitoring of fluid levels across their entire inventory of fuel and lubricant tanks.

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  • Apr 18, 2017


    Woodford Oil Co. offers a full line of professional-grade petroleum products for the construction industry, including fuel, heavy-duty motor oils, specialty lubricants, chemicals, and on-site storage equipment.

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  • Apr 4, 2017


    Who’s got racing fuel & lubricants? Woodford!

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  • Mar 29, 2017


    Does your business have a comprehensive lubrication program designed to save money and enable your equipment to Run Better Longer? If not, contact Woodford.

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  • Mar 22, 2017


    With the recent roll-out of the next generation of heavy-duty engine oils (API CK-4 and FA-4), engine manufacturers have been updating (extending) their guidelines for oil drain intervals in newer engines.

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  • Mar 7, 2017


    Lubrication management for multiple heavy vehicles and equipment can be difficult, especially if the job site moves. That’s why we recently rolled out the Woodford On-site Lube Van: Service that moves with your job.

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  • Feb 9, 2017


    Activity is ramping up in the oil & gas industry. If you need on-site fuel and lubricant tanks for your job, Woodford has you covered.

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  • Nov 30, 2016


    CITGO’s Mystik line of lubricants is specially formulated to meet the unique demands of performance machines so each machine performs at its best.

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  • Nov 29, 2016


    Citgo’s Clarion division has developed a family of products specifically formulated to reduce environmental risk while providing improved equipment performance.

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  • Nov 28, 2016

    CITGO Pacemaker Lubricants = High Performance

    CITGO’s Pacemaker natural gas engine oils for the oil & gas compression industry are engineered to reduce operating costs, while protecting equipment from the most extreme conditions.

    [ More ]
  • Nov 23, 2016


    Chevron’s LubeWatch® oil analysis program gives maintenance managers critical information about the performance of lubricants in all mobile and heavy industrial applications.

    [ More ]
  • Nov 1, 2016


    Just one month left before the changeover to a new class of heavy duty engine oils!

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  • Oct 27, 2016


    For the third straight year, Woodford Oil Co. was named a Silver Medalist at Chevron’s Momentum Leadership Conference.

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  • Oct 25, 2016


    Chevron Delo lubricants not only deliver superior engine protection, but can also boost fuel economy up to 4.5%.

    [ More ]
  • Oct 1, 2016


    Just two months left until the national roll-out of the next generation of heavy duty engine oils!

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  • Aug 22, 2016


    Woodford’s state-of-the-art bulk fuels handling and lubricant repackaging plant is currently under construction in Morgantown, WV!

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  • Jun 30, 2016


    This 2016 International bulk oil truck just joined our fleet and will be dedicated to hauling a variety of Chevron Delo products.

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  • May 20, 2016


    Woodford Oil Co. is growing in Morgantown, creating new jobs and a faster, more comprehensive service experience for our customers.

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  • Apr 1, 2016


    PC-11 (or Proposed Category 11) is the working title for the next generation of heavy-duty diesel engine oils rolling out in December.

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  • Feb 5, 2016


    The safety of our customers and employees is the number one priority at Woodford Oil Co. That applies to all that we do—including our vehicles.

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  • Jan 21, 2016


    Woodford Oil Co. is proud to announce that we have been named a Chevron 1st Source Elite Lubrication Marketer.

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  • Oct 26, 2015


    For the second year in a row, Woodford Oil Co. was named a Silver Medalist at Chevron’s 1st Source Marketer Leadership Forum.

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  • Sep 30, 2015


    Woodford Oil Co. has acquired Guttman Energy’s wholesale petroleum distribution business in West Virginia, building on a decade of expansion in the Mountain State and the Appalachian region.

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  • Jan 20, 2015


    Woodford just completed phase one of a two-phase project to install upgraded lubricant and fuel containment and dispensing equipment for one of the top excavation and site development contractors in Central West Virginia.

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