Commercial & Industrial Lubricants

CITGO Brand Lubricants For All Industries

CITGO Lubricants

As a CITGO VEKTOR Partner, Woodford offers a comprehensive line of CITGO brand consumer-, commercial-, and industrial-grade lubricants spanning a range of industries and product lines, including:

  • Transmission/Drivetrain Fluids
  • Hydraulic, Compressor, Motor, Engine and Natural Gas Engine Oils
  • Metalworking Fluids
  • Gear Lubricants
  • Greases
  • Process Oil
  • Turbine Oil

From CITGARD low viscosity, heavy-duty engine oils, SUPERGARD automotive motor oils and the SynDurance premium synthetic product line, to Pacemaker natural gas engine and compressor oils for the oil & gas industry. CITGO lubricants are designed to help extend the life of your equipment and reduce downtime.


Access CITGO’s LubesAdvisor database to find the right engine oil, hydraulic fluid or other lubricant for your needs.

Use the general Savings Calculator or the Natural Gas Engine Oil Savings Calculator to calculate your fleet’s potential savings from switching to CITGO.

Learn about LubeAlert, CITGO’s state-of-the-art fluid condition monitoring service used for predictive and preventative equipment maintenance.

Other Brands

Learn about Mystik-brand lubricants for performance machines—including ATVs/UTVs, snowmobiles, boats/PWCs, outdoor power equipment, and industrial/specialty tools—as well as on-road and off-road vehicles, cars/SUVs/vans and light trucks, and agriculture equipment.

Learn about Clarion-brand lubricants for the food and beverage processing industry and for environmentally sensitive areas like watersheds and forests, inland waterways, ports, and open water.

Contact Woodford for information on all CITGO, Mystik and Clarion lubricants.