Racing and Sport Vehicle Fuels


Reaching the finish line first takes more than luck. It takes experience and excellence. At Woodford Oil, we distribute performance racing fuels with proven track records of both.

Whether you race stock cars, sports cars, drag racers, motorcycles, karts, ATVs, boats or jet skis, we have the fuels you need to outpower the competition. Take a look at the Renegade Race Fuels website for more information on available fuels.


Increase your mileage with 100% Ethanol-Free gasoline. Pure Ethanol-Free gas improves MPG by an average of 3-4% and is less corrosive. It is the preferred choice for classic cars, motorcycles, boats, lawn equipment and snowmobiles.

Fuel up at with 87-octane Ethanol-Free gas at Woodford’s Express Fueling Station on 13th Street in Elkins. Woodford’s 24-hour, automated Express Stations accept all major credit cards and the Woodford Express Fuel Card.


And check out our complete range of Mystik lubricants for performance machines—including ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, off-road vehicles, outdoor power equipment, and industrial/specialty tools!