Woodford Express Fuel Card

Fill Up At More Than 320,000 Fueling Locations Nationwide

Why Choose The Woodford Express Card?

Why do so many companies and government agencies choose the Woodford Express Fuel Card?

  1. Experience—Woodford Oil has partnered with U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Systems, redefining the concept of fuel cards.
  2. Control—Our fleet card provides flexible control over purchases at the card and account level.
  3. Convenience—The Woodford Express Card is accepted at more than 320,000 fueling stations nationwide, including major truck stop chains, through the Voyager network.
  4. Fuel Only—Our card is a fuel-only card. That means fleet managers don’t have to worry about drivers using the card to purchase food, beverages, tobacco products, or other non-fuel items.
  5. Customer Service—Outstanding service is the single most important benefit we offer our customers—24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Woodford Oil maintains the highest quality standards of customer service.

Control At The Card And Account Level

The Woodford Express Card helps fleets of any size become more efficient—allowing control at the card and account level, and giving fleet administrators the ability to customize each card.

Fleet administrators appreciate the sophisticated purchase controls and expense monitoring features that help to limit excess spending.

Within the same account, fleet cards can be assigned to drivers and/or vehicles. A unique personal identification number (PIN) can also be assigned for security. Drivers can be required to enter:

  • Vehicle/driver number
  • Odometer reading

Easy-to-read, comprehensive transaction reports help manage expenses and can be used in vendor negotiations. Summary report options monitor and track negotiated discounts. With all this built-in functionality, the Woodford Express Card is a comprehensive tool for managing fleet fueling.

Wide Card Acceptance Nationwide

The Woodford Express Card is one of the nation’s most widely accepted payment cards for fuel services.

The card is accepted across our network of 24-hour, automated Woodford Express fueling stations in WV, KY and OH. The card also works on the Voyager fuel network at more than 320,000 fueling stations nationwide.

Woodford Express Card Partners

Merchant Acceptance Options

The Woodford Express Card program works with major fuel vendors to ensure that they accept the card electronically. In addition, the Woodford Express Card is accepted via Voyager TeleTrans, a product that allows fuel vendors to be set up quickly and easily without having to purchase new POS equipment. This convenient and innovative concept allows access to your local preferred vendors while still maintaining the reporting you need.

Apply for an account today, or contact us for more information about the Woodford Express Card, Woodford Express Stations, and the Woodford Express Fueling Network.