Propane Filling & Autogas Fueling Stations

Woodford Has The Propane Fueling Station Options To Meet Your Needs

Propane Filling Stations

The popularity of propane as a fuel source has led a growing number of commercial and industrial companies to select Woodford to install and service onsite propane filling stations.

An onsite propane filling station can help a company:

  • Save time and money by having the ability to refill their own vehicles and equipment on site, whenever needed.
  • Drive incremental business by offering a propane cylinder refilling service for commercial or retail customers.

Propane Refill Stations For Businesses

Propane Refill Stations For Retail Customers

Some companies, like Par Mar Stores, have tapped Woodford to install propane refill stations to serve retail customers.

This allows those companies to drive incremental business from customers looking to refill their propane grill tank for the weekend, their RV tank for an upcoming road trip, or keep their home generator or propane appliance tanks topped up and ready for use.

Many retail customers recognize that refilling a tank is usually a better value than exchanging a tank for a new one because they can purchase just the amount of propane needed. It can also be more convenient to find a refilling station than a cylinder exchange station.

Woodford will install the appropriate size propane storage tanks and dispensing equipment for the refill station, and will monitor, service and schedule propane deliveries so the tanks are always available for customer use.

Propane Autogas Fueling Stations

Propane for vehicles is known as autogas, and Woodford recently installed a new propane autogas fueling station for the Turkeyfoot Valley Area School District in Confluence, PA.

Many schools have been replacing their diesel school buses with ones powered by propane autogas because it can make them more cost effective to fuel and operate, in addition to providing significant environmental benefits like lower emissions and cleaner performance.

Thanks to this new fueling facility, the school district will be able to refuel its fleet of buses at a convenient location whenever necessary.

Woodford will monitor and service the fueling station and schedule propane deliveries so the facility is always available for use.

Contact us for information about installing a propane refill station or autogas fueling station at your business, school, or government facility, or request a quote today!