Oilfield Services Fuels

Efficient, Cost-Effective Fuel Management

High Quality Fuels

Woodford Oil Company offers a wide range of high-quality fuels at competitive prices for fleets and equipment working in the oil & gas industry. Fuel types include:

  • Regular, Plus, and Super Unleaded Gasoline
  • Low-Sulfur Diesel
  • High-Sulfur Diesel
  • Kerosene
  • Winter Blend Low-Sulfur Diesel Fuels
  • Biodiesel
  • Propane


Woodford Oil also has an extensive line of petroleum delivery, storage, and handling equipment.

Whether your company needs expedited product delivery, or on-site fuel and lubricant storage, we can accommodate your needs.

We have thousands of fuel and lubricant tanks dedicated to our tank loan program. For on-site fuel storage, we offer 500-10,000 gallon, OSHA/EPA approved fuel tanks for lease or sale.

Our on-site delivery and wet-hosing service provide safe and efficient fueling for individual pieces of equipment or your entire fleet.

Contact us for more information about our oilfield services division and the products and services available.