Woodford Express Fueling Network


The Woodford Express Fueling Network makes it easier to manage your fleet.

Our Woodford Express fuel card is accepted at more than 300,000 fueling stations nationwide, including major truck stop chains, through the Voyager network.

Our network also includes 24-hour, automated Woodford Express fueling stations in WV, KY and OH.

Access to our fueling network gives you practical and comprehensive control of your fleet fueling:

  • Receive fuel usage reports
  • View fuel purchases online
  • Use pin codes to track expenses of individual employees or vehicles
  • Available 24-hours a day, seven days a week


Does your fueling card lock you in to one fuel brand or a limited, regional fueling network? Don’t get locked in. Go farther with the Woodford Express Card.

The Woodford Express Card is one of the nation’s most widely accepted payment cards for fuel services. The card works on the Voyager fuel network at more than 300,000 fueling stations nationwide, including major truck stop chains.



The Woodford Express Card program works with major fuel vendors to ensure that they accept the Voyager card electronically. In addition, the Woodford Express Card is accepted via Voyager TeleTrans, a product that allows fuel vendors to be set up quickly and easily without POS equipment. This convenient and innovative concept allows access to your local preferred vendors while still maintaining the reporting you need.


The Woodford Express Card is a fuel-only card, so companies don’t have to worry about drivers using it to purchase food, beverages, tobacco products, or other non-fuel items.

Fleet administrators also benefit from the Woodford Express Card’s controls, online account maintenance, report billing and informational tools. Drivers, in turn, can operate their vehicles with the assurance that they will have convenient access to fuel wherever they drive.

  • Timely capture of Level III Data
  • Process transactions through Voyager TeleTrans
  • Timely online access to your data
  • Acceptance at more than 230,000 fueling stations nationwide, including major truck stop chains.
  • National, regional and local fuel vendor

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