Commercial & Industrial Lubricants

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CITGO Products & Brands

As a CITGO VEKTOR Partner, Woodford offers a comprehensive line of CITGO, Mystik and Clarion-brand lubricants for commercial and industrial applications and performance machines.

CITGO-brand Lubricants

For on- and off-highway fleet owners and managers, industrial/commercial managers, retailers and consumers, CITGO-brand heavy-duty lubricants—including engine oils, transmission and hydraulic fluids, greases, gear oils and industrial lubricants—are all designed to help extend the life of your equipment and reduce downtime.

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Mystik Lubricants

Clarion Lubricants

Clarion lubricants include food-grade lubricants used in the food and beverage processing industry, as well as environmentally friendly lubricants engineered for service in sensitive areas such as watersheds and forests, inland waterways, ports, and even open water.

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