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Woodford Oil is proud to be a Chevron 1st Source Elite Lubrication Marketer. That means Chevron has selected us as the first source for value-added customer service that goes beyond the product line.

We’re more than a supplier. We’re an ally. A partner who’s ready, willing and able to contribute to our customers’ long-term, profitable growth. This kind of commitment isn’t common in the marketplace. But now it’s easy to spot—because we’ll be the ones called 1st Source.

Partner with Woodford, and let us be your Total Fluid Solutions Provider.

Being a 1st Source Elite Lubrication Marketer means that we can provide a number of value-added services, including:

  • Sales and Service Staff—Whether you need assistance by phone or on-site, our trained sales staff can assist you with your lubricant needs. Our staff is continuously trained in the latest lubrication technology and applications. And we can help you spot problems before they happen.
  • Technical Support—We have on-staff Certified Lubrication Specialists trained to provide lubricant engineered services such as lubricant crossovers, OEM applications, or troubleshoot lubrication failures to find the root cause.
  • Oil Analysis—We can help you set up an oil analysis program tailored to your needs. An effective management tool, oil analysis goes beyond regular preventive maintenance. It provides data that can help predict wear on machinery and avoid costly downtime and failures.
  • Plant/Machinery Lubrication Surveys—We can assist your maintenance personnel with proper fluid applications through lubrication surveys. The information obtained in these comprehensive surveys will help you reduce inventory, maintain OEM warranty compliance, ensure accurate applications with proper fluids, and reduce downtime and failures.
  • Customer Training—We can assist your maintenance personnel with the basic fundamentals of lubricant applications and stand ready to assist with specific training needs.
  • Chevron Best-in-Class Assessment—We’ll look at all aspects of lubrication in your business and establish a proactive approach to lubrication maintenance. The assessment will help you reduce maintenance costs, minimize component failure, maximize the full potential of lubricants, and increase equipment reliability. View the video below for more information. Then contact the lubricant experts at Woodford to schedule your Best-in-Class Assessment.

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