What Are Propane Filling Stations, and Does My Business Need One?

Propane filling stations—also known as refill stations or fueling stations—consist of one or more large propane tanks and dispensing equipment designed to refill portable propane tanks. Some filling stations are open to the public, while others are for business use only.

Many commercial and industrial companies that use propane in their daily operations find it handy to have their own onsite filling station to use whenever needed, rather than relying on frequent deliveries from a propane distributor. Other companies may want to create a new line of business serving customers who want to refill their own propane tanks. In either case, Woodford Oil Company has you covered. Woodford installs and services propane filling stations for all kinds of businesses and for all kinds of uses.

Propane Filling Stations for Business Use

Commercial and industrial companies that use a large amount of propane—like construction companies, factories, hospitals, warehouses, and farms—can save time and money by having the ability to refill their own equipment, onsite, 24/7.

Whether the propane is used for industrial equipment, temporary heating at construction sites, back-up generators, fork lifts, farm equipment, or fleet vehicles, Woodford will work with you to identify and install the right-size storage tanks and dispensing equipment at your business so that you can refill propane cannisters and refuel equipment whenever needed. Woodford will also monitor, service and schedule refills of onsite tanks so they are always available for use.

Recently, Woodford installed a propane filling station in Morgantown, WV, for Butler Gas Products Co. Butler Gas is using this facility to serve their business customers for packaged gases.

Propane Filling Stations for Retail Use

Other companies have tapped Woodford to install propane filling stations for use by retail customers. This allows those companies to drive incremental business from customers looking to refill their propane grill tank for the weekend, their RV tank for an upcoming road trip, or any other need.

Last year, Woodford installed a propane filling station in Stockport, OH, for Par Mar Stores, including two, 1,000-gallon propane storage tanks and dispensing equipment. With this new fueling station, Par Mar customers have a convenient location to refill their propane tanks, and another reason to shop at Par Mar. Woodford monitors, services and schedules refills of the storage tanks so they are always available for customer use.

Propane Autogas Fueling Stations

Propane for vehicles is known as autogas, and many businesses and local government offices have been installing autogas facilities for their fleet vehicles.

For example, Woodford recently installed a propane autogas fueling station for the Turkeyfoot Valley Area School District in Confluence, PA.

A number of schools have been replacing their diesel school buses with ones powered by propane autogas because it can make them more cost effective to fuel and operate, in addition to providing significant environmental benefits like lower emissions and cleaner performance.

With its new propane autogas facility, the Turkeyfoot Valley Area School District is able to refuel its fleet of buses whenever necessary, and Woodford ensures the facility is always available for use.

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