Woodford Installs New Propane Autogas Fueling Station

Woodford recently installed a new propane autogas fueling station for the Turkeyfoot Valley Area School District in Confluence, PA.

The installation includes a brand new, 1,000-gallon propane storage tank.

Many schools have been replacing their diesel school buses with ones powered by propane autogas because it can make them more cost effective to fuel and operate, in addition to providing significant environmental benefits like lower emissions and cleaner performance.

Thanks to this new fueling facility, the school district will be able to refuel its fleet of buses at a convenient location whenever necessary. Woodford will monitor and service the fueling station and schedule propane deliveries so the facility is always available for use.

The school district’s bus operator is Mlaker Student Transportation of Davidsville, PA, which is also a Woodford customer.

Learn more about the benefits of propane filling stations on our website.

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