Woodford Expands in Mid-State/Summersville Area

Woodford is excited to announce the expansion of our business in the Mid-State/Summersville area of West Virginia. This expansion is made possible through the recent purchase of an existing, 5.7-acre bulk fuel and lubricants plant near Summersville.

In the coming months, Woodford will be making additional investments in the facility to upgrade and expand it to provide fuels, lubricants, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and propane to commercial, industrial, residential, and agriculture customers throughout the Mid-State/Summersville area.

“Woodford’s purchase and operation of this former Mid-State Industrial Lubricants Co. facility will allow local customers to once again experience the same top-tier products and high-quality service previously provided by the Mid-State Industrial Lubricants team, while also accessing new products like DEF and propane,” said Woodford Chief Operating Officer Scott Kiser.

“This is a great opportunity to utilize an existing, high-value, local plant to bring commercial and industrial lubricants, motor fuels, diesel, DEF, and propane service to customers in the Mid-State/Summersville area,” said John E. Shelton II, Woodford’s Vice President of Sales. “We look forward to being a great local partner for customers in the Mid-State/Summersville area for many years to come.”

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