Woodford Converts Hall Drilling to Chevron Lubricants

Woodford recently added Hall Drilling as a customer and converted the company’s fleet and equipment to Chevron lubricants.

Based in Ellenboro WV, Hall Drilling is one of the most respected oil & gas companies in the Appalachian Basin, with over 300 skilled industry employees.

Woodford initially completed a Chevron Best-in-Class (BIC) Lubrication Assessment for Hall Drilling. This comprehensive on-site assessment looks at all aspects of lubrication within a business and establishes a proactive approach to lubrication maintenance. It focuses on helping a company reduce maintenance costs, minimize component failure, increase equipment reliability, and achieve as much as a 37% decrease in lubrication maintenance costs by implementing opportunities discovered by the assessment.

One part of the assessment focused on why Hall Drilling was experiencing problems with the reliability of its fleet of water trucks, including unexpected diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleanings and replacements, unforeseen vehicle downtime and higher than expected fuel consumption.

Woodford recommended switching to Chevron Delo 600 ADF heavy-duty engine oil, which is specially formulated to reduce sulfated ash levels and deliver maximum protection to vehicle engine and emissions systems.

Hall Drilling is currently piloting a switchover to Delo 600 ADF in some of its vehicles, and is in the process of implementing other recommendations identified in the assessment.

Additionally, Woodford has been providing recommended Chevron lubricants and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to Hall Drilling’s fleet.

“We look forward to a great, long-term partnership with Hall Drilling,” said Woodford Executive Vice President Scott Kiser.

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