Lubricants: What Type Is Best For My Equipment?

Lubrication can be defined as the application of oily or greasy substances, also called “lubricants,” in order to reduce friction and allow moving machine parts to slide smoothly past each other.

Lubricants form a film between the metal surfaces of machine parts to avoid metal-to-metal contact and to keep vehicles and industrial machines and equipment running efficiently.

Knowing that you want your equipment to run as efficiently as possible, you may be asking what are the best commercial lubricants to use? Woodford has the answer.

How Can Woodford Help?

Woodford is a Chevron 1st Source Elite Lubrication Marketer and a CITGO Lubricants VEKTOR Partner. This means that Woodford offers a comprehensive line of both Chevron and CITGO commercial lubricants and industrial lubricants.

Woodford also offers commercial lubricants for the oilfield services industry as well as specialty brands and products including diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), natural gas engine and compressor oils, triethylene glycol (TEG), and other glycols and chemicals.

Expert Staff

Woodford’s expert staff includes fuel technicians, chemical engineers, and STLE-certified lubrication specialists that are dedicated to helping commercial and industrial customers improve their operations and save money. These experts can help cut your operating costs, minimize downtime, extend the life of your equipment, and keep your entire operation running smoothly.

Equipment Loan Program

Woodford’s Commercial Lubricants Equipment Loan Program provides on-site storage tanks to make sure your business never runs out of critical commercial lubricants. Woodford takes care of getting you the right equipment for your needs, transports it to your job site, and delivers the lubricants as needed.

Woodford On-Site Lube Van

Lubrication management for multiple heavy vehicles and equipment can be a daunting task if the job site moves. That’s why Woodford not only offers its equipment loan program, but also has an on-site lube van. It is like having your own on-site bulk plant—but it’s mobile, to easily and quickly move to the next site.

Woodford’s On-site Lube Van is specifically designed for customers in industries such as infrastructure development, transportation, civil construction, and oil & gas. It is the best solution for large site development, such as roads, highways, bridges, dams, and airports, as well as excavation, water infrastructure, landfills, stone quarries, and a host of other projects.

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Since 1947, Woodford has been your trusted local fuel and lubricants provider, delivering to residential, commercial and industrial, and agriculture customers in a six-state region that includes West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

When it comes to commercial lubricants, people know to call Woodford.

Contact us for more information on our range of commercial lubricants, on-site storage, pricing, and delivery options, or request a quote online!