How To Maximize Productivity on the Farm this Planting Season

Spring is here, and so is planting season! In addition to quality seed, fertilizer and equipment, farmers know they also need quality fuel and lubricants to keep their vehicles and equipment performing in top condition and maximize productivity.

Whether your farm is large or small, Woodford Oil Company can supply all of your vehicles and equipment with top-quality products including agricultural fuels, lubricants, and propane, and time-saving services like mobile fueling, equipment rental, remote tank monitoring, rapid delivery and automatic refueling service.


Woodford delivers a full line of petroleum fuels to our agriculture customers, including all grades of gasoline, on-road and off-road diesel, biodiesel, heating oil, and kerosene. Whatever your needs, Woodford delivers.

We also provide propane for a wide range of uses including powering farm equipment like irrigation engines and grain dryers, water heating, heating buildings, and powering back-up generators, forklifts and light-to-medium-duty farm vehicles.


In farming, timing is critical, especially during the planting and harvesting seasons. To save farmers time, Woodford offers mobile fueling (wet hosing) service where a Woodford fuel truck travels to a farm to re-fuel a customer’s vehicles and equipment (tractors, combines, etc.)

Woodford will travel to your site at a time convenient to your business, individually fuel all vehicles and equipment, and log how much fuel goes into each vehicle. That allows you to spend less time on fueling and more time working productively.


As a Chevron 1st Source Elite Lubrication Marketer and a CITGO Lubricants VEKTOR Partner, Woodford distributes a full range of professional-grade Chevron and CITGO lubricants for the agriculture industry, including heavy-duty truck and tractor motor oils, gear lubricants, bearing and chassis greases, and tractor transmission and cooling system fluids.

We also offer specialty brands and products including diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), natural gas engine and compressor oils, triethylene glycol (TEG) and other glycols and chemicals.


If your farm uses a large amount of fuel or lubricants and needs one or more on-site fuel or lubricant storage tanks, Woodford has a wide range available through our Fuel and Lubricant Equipment Loan Program. We will get you the right tank for your needs, transport it to your farm, and replenish the fuel and lubricants as needed.


At Woodford Oil Company, we’re here to help you find the products and services that are right for your needs.

Since 1947, Woodford has been your trusted local fuel and lubricants provider, delivering to residential, commercial and industrial, and agriculture customers in a six-state region that includes West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

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