Woodford Oil News & Insights

Apr 20, 2017


Woodford Tank Watch, powered by Centeron®, is now available!

This service offers commercial customers remote monitoring of fluid levels across their entire inventory of fuel and lubricant tanks.

Woodford Tank Watch lets you check fluid levels in multiple tanks, across multiple sites, all from a computer or smartphone. You’ll get real-time access to data whenever you need a reading.

For customers that order their own product, this service offers an easy way to monitor usage and deliveries. Customers that don’t want to worry about ordering product can choose to let Woodford monitor fluid levels and schedule deliveries so that tanks are always full.

Contact the fuel and lubricant experts at Woodford to learn more about the benefits of Woodford Tank Watch. Phone: 1-800-927-3688. Email: info@woodfordoil.com. Follow us @ facebook.com/woodfordoil