Kick Some Ash!

Whether you have off-highway or on-highway equipment, ash build up in your vehicle’s Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) can be costing you significant time and money due to increased maintenance, decreased fuel economy, equipment downtime and other problems.

Don’t let that happen. Kick some ash with Delo 600 ADF heavy-duty engine oil with OMNIMAX™ technology!

Delo 600 ADF is the first ultra low-ash, heavy-duty engine oil that reduces the sulfate ash content of typical CK-4 oil by 60%. This helps to drastically reduce the rate of DPF clogging, while delivering extended DPF service life and industry-redefining fuel economy retention.

Check out Chevron’s Emissions Control Center website to learn more. Then, contact the lubricant experts at Woodford for information on Delo 600 ADF and all other Chevron products. Phone: 1-800-927-3688. Email: Follow us