Keep Warm with Woodford!

Heating season is here and that means it’s time to fill up your home fuel tank!

Woodford strives to be your supplier of choice in home heating. We deliver the highest-quality heating fuels to our residential customers, on your schedule, using our fleet of top-of-the-line tankwagons.

We deliver No. 2 Fuel Oil (heating oil) and No. 1 Fuel Oil Dyed (low-sulfur kerosene), as well as Bioheat in some areas. Bioheat is a blend of traditional heating oil and 2-5% biodiesel used to heat homes and businesses. The biodiesel is made from renewable resources, making it biodegradable and clean burning. Contact us for information on whether Bioheat is available in your area.

Heat with Woodford, and keep your home warm this winter! Phone: 1-800-927-3688. Email: Follow us @