Diesel Fuel Conditioning: Is Your Fuel Ready for Winter?

You’re likely aware that fuels and lubricants can experience problems when operating at extreme temperatures. Usually, the focus is on addressing the problem of high temperatures. But if the mercury drops too low, that also can impact the reliability of vehicles and equipment.

Diesel fuel conditioners (also called additives) can help eliminate some specific problems that come with operating diesel vehicles and equipment in cold temperatures.


During the winter months, sub-freezing temperatures can cause the naturally occurring paraffin wax in diesel fuel to solidify (or gel), clogging fuel lines and filters, blocking fuel flow and making it harder to power up your engine.

In addition to gelling, another problem diesel engine owners face in cold weather is the formation of ice crystals in fuel, which also can clog fuel lines and filters and cause damage to injectors and other engine components due to corrosion.

To help our customers eliminate these cold-weather problems, Woodford offers a diesel fuel additive that improves low-temperature operability and performance.


Altra Cold Flow 220WAD features a blend of additives including a cold-flow improver and deicer that delivers a number of critical performance benefits, including:

  • preventing fuel from gelling,
  • dispersing wax during engine shutdowns,
  • emulsifying and eliminating water, and
  • preventing fuel filter icing.

Available to our bulk fuel customers, Altra Cold Flow 220WAD enables operators to get the most out of their heavy-duty vehicles and equipment working in cold weather. Woodford can also customize a winter treatment program for customer-owned or loaned fuel storage systems.

And fleet managers and drivers will be happy to learn that Woodford includes Altra Cold Flow 220WAD in our winter diesel fuel at all of our 24-hour, automated Woodford Express fueling stations in West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.


If you have questions about diesel fuel conditioning, or the benefits and performance of different fuel additives, contact Woodford Oil Company.

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