Coolants Shouldn’t Damage What They’re Designed to Protect

Did you know that commonly used nitrited coolants can damage modern aluminum cooling systems? That’s because they can cause an adverse reaction, leading to pH imbalance, increased coolant consumption, overheating, and in some cases, engine failure.

Now there’s a reliable and effective way to protect your cooling system—without having to rely on unreliable radiator conditioners.

Delo ELC Advanced is a next-generation antifreeze/coolant specially formulated to protect modern aluminum cooling systems. Designed for both on- and off-road applications, its patented Nitrited Organic Additive Technology (NOAT) formula won’t react negatively to aluminum radiators and engine components, keeping your cooling system doing what it’s supposed to do—controlling temperatures and extending system and coolant life.

Check out the video and product sheet to learn more about how Delo ELC Advanced transforms coolant technology.

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