Common Propane Tank Sizes for Your Home

You’ve done the research and now you’re ready to move forward with propane for your home. 

The good news? We don’t think you’ll regret it. 

Propane is an excellent fuel source for home heating, cooking, warming your pool, running your dryer, providing backup power generation and much more. Propane is environmentally friendly, as well as a cost-efficient alternative energy source. You’ll be reaping the benefits of your decision for years to come. 

Now, you just need to choose the right propane tank and fuel supplier. Don’t worry, Woodford can help. 

Why the Right Propane Tank Size Matters

Choosing the right tank size for your home or property matters. Choosing the wrong propane tank size could mean the difference between overpaying or getting the best bang for your buck. In other words, you want to pick the right tank, the right way, for the right home.

Also, consider that propane tanks can be installed either above or below ground. While they are operationally the same, the type of tank you choose will determine siting and permit requirements and the installation services required. And all propane tanks are designed to hold 80% of their listed capacity, rather than 100%. This is the result of the expansion of propane in the tank as it heats.

Common Propane Tank Sizes Include

120-Gallon/420-pound vertical propane tank

  • Smaller sized tanks are commonly used for small demand applications
  • Generally serves a single or small number of appliances
  • Commonly found in warmer climates with shorter heating seasons
  • Subject to more flexible siting requirements

150-gallon propane tank

  • Used for smaller demand applications such as cooking and water heating
  • Typically used to service a smaller number of low British Thermal Unit (BTU) appliances
  • Can be placed into service for heating smaller heaters such as space heaters
  • A 150-gallon tank is generally not intended for large or whole-house heating

250-gallon propane tank

  • Commonly installed in warmer climates that experience shorter heating seasons
  • 250-gallon tanks are used for mid-size BTU demand requirements
  • Can be used for whole house and structure heating depending on square footage
  • Available in above ground and below ground tank types

500-gallon propane tank

  • Installed in all climates for a multitude of uses, including mid to larger size BTU demands
  • Can be used for whole-house heating for larger structures, depending on square footage
  • Often installed for commercial use and used for refilling cylinders
  • 500-gallon tanks are available in above ground and underground tank types

1000-gallon propane tank

  • Installed and commonly found in climates with longer heating seasons
  • Can be used for whole structure heating in all climates
  • 1000-gallon tanks are preferred for high-demand BTU applications
  • Available in above ground and underground tank types
  • Subject to different siting requirements

What Size Propane Tank Do I Need?

Deciding on the most appropriate size and type of propane tank for your home, business, or farm will depend on a number of factors including climate, square footage, and applications that will be used (i.e., home-heating, water-heating, cooking, or backup power generation).

Typically, it’s best to consult the experts before making a decision. That’s where we come in. Woodford will work with you to determine your home’s needs, and then help you make an informed decision. We also provide a range of propane services like free tank rental, free tank installation on your property, free tank monitoring with our mobile app, and 24/7 emergency service—as well as propane delivery when you need it.

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