CITGO Lubricants: Specially Formulated Solutions for the Natural Gas Industry

For more than 70 years, CITGO has provided a variety of specially formulated lubricants for the wide operational conditions encountered in the natural gas industry.

From their line-up of Pacemaker natural gas engine oils, to compressor, cylinder and turbine lubricants, CITGO has the right product for the job.

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Low Ash Engine Oil

Pacemaker 1600

Pacemaker 1700

Pacemaker 1900 XL

Pacemaker 1640 Anti-Emulsion

No Ash Engine Oil

Pacemaker 1000

Pacemaker 1200

Pacemaker 935 Non-Detergent

Medium Ash Engine Oil

Pacemaker 700

Pacemaker 800

Landfill Compressor

Pacemaker LFG LA 40

Low Ash Multi-Vis Syn

Pacemaker 15SL

Compressor Oils-Mineral Based

Pacemaker Oil

Gascom R

Compressor Oil 7585

Compressor Oil 35LP

Compressor Oil 45LP

Compressor Oils-Synthetic Based

CompressorGard DE

CompressorGard PAO