Woodford Oil News & Insights

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  • Oct 1, 2019

    Woodford Expands in Tri-State Area with Purchase of Brock Oil Business

    Woodford is excited to announce our latest expansion in the Tri-State area of northern West Virginia, southern Pennsylvania, and western Maryland!

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  • Sep 24, 2019

    Heat With Woodford, And Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

    Cold weather is coming! If you haven’t ordered your home heating fuel yet, now’s the time! Woodford accepts all forms of government home heating energy assistance for Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia customers.

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  • Sep 4, 2019

    Chevron ISOCLEAN: Why Measuring Lubricant Cleanliness Is Important

    Did you know that failing to monitor lubricant cleanliness can cost you money? That’s why it’s vital to regularly monitor lubricant health.

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  • Aug 28, 2019

    Woodford Nominated for Best of Somerset County Award

    Woodford is honored to have been nominated for a Best of Somerset County, PA reader’s choice award from Daily American Media!

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  • Aug 14, 2019

    Chevron ISOCLEAN: How to Reduce Wear with a Clean Oil Program

    Did you know that particle contamination is the number one cause of lubricant-related equipment failure? And that contamination causes an estimated 82% of component wear? The solution to this problem is as easy as 1-2-3.

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  • Aug 7, 2019

    Chevron ISOCLEAN: New Oil May Not be Clean Enough

    Did you know that typical new oil can contain up to 32 times more contaminant particles than what your original equipment manufacturer deems acceptable?

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  • Jul 30, 2019

    Chevron ISOCLEAN: Why Do Machines Require Clean Lubricants?

    Did you know that particulate contamination in lubricants is the leading cause of machine failure? And that the particles that do the most damage are so small they can’t be seen with the naked eye?

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  • Jul 15, 2019

    Beat the Heat By Claiming a Cool $1,500!

    Through October 31, all new Chevron customers who purchase qualifying products (or existing customers who upgrade or add a new qualifying product) can earn a rebate of up to $1,500 from Chevron!

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  • Jun 19, 2019

    Woodford & Techron: A Checklist for Putting Your Boat Back in the Water

    It’s boating season! We hope you enjoy your time on the water, but don’t forget that proper engine maintenance is just as important for your boat as it is for your car or truck.

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  • Jun 5, 2019

    Got tractor? Then Woodford’s got your back!

    Woodford Oil Co. delivers a full line of professional-grade fuels and lubricants to farming and agriculture industry customers across the Tri-State Region. With trucks based in Markleysburg, PA, and Morgantown, WV, Woodford is your local Tri-State Region supplier.

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