Chevron Lubricants for Underground Mining

When your equipment can be over 8,000 feet underground, downtime takes on a whole new meaning. With Chevron lubricants, you can count on maximizing your equipment uptime - and your profitability.

Diesel Engine Oils

Due to their size and operating conditions, LHDs and other earth-moving equipment demand exceptional oils. Yet because these machines are often used on a high-demand cycle at remote locations, they might receive lower levels of maintenance attention. For the best performance, turn to premium-quality Chevron motor oils:

  • Delo® 400 LE offers outstanding protection for the newest technology engines requiring API CJ-4, and is fully compatible with previous API oil service categories. Delo 400 LE carries a long list of US and European OEM endorsements and approvals. It is formulated for exceptional performance with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel but also with both normal and low sulfur diesel fuels.
  • Delo 400 LE Synthetic - Recommended for use in engines operating under severe operating conditions or in extreme cold climates.

Other Chevron motor oils:

  • Delo 400 Multigrade
  • Ursa® Super Plus EC
  • Delo 100

Cooling System Fluids

Chevron offers a broad range of extended life coolants.

Delo Extended Life Coolants (ELC) are single-phase, ethylene glycol type heavy-duty diesel engine coolants that contains an inhibitor package based on patented carboxylate (organic additive) technology. The Delo ELC formulation has been tested over millions of miles, in every major U.S. heavy-duty engine, and has been shown to provide protection out to 750,000 miles/8 years/12,000 hours. Meeting major industry specifications and performance requirements, Delo ELC products have been shown to eliminate the need for supplement coolant additives and to maximize component life, which can reduce the overall cost of ownership. For on-road, off-road and stationary applications that require a nitrite-free formulation, Delo Life Coolant/Anti-freeze Nitrite-Free offers a service life of 600,000 miles/ 12,000 hours/ 6 years with no Extender needed.

Other Chevron coolants/antifreezes:

  • Chevron Heavy Duty Coolant/Antifreeze Phosphate Free
  • Chevron Supreme Antifreeze/Coolant
  • Chevron HTF E-100, P-150, P-200

Transmission & Drive Train Fluids

We offer premium grade, heavy-duty truck transmission fluids that provide exceptional thermal and oxidation stability, anti-wear performance, and extended drain intervals:

  • Delo Synthetic Transmission Fluid
  • RPM® Synthetic Transmission Fluid
  • Drive Train Fluids HD
  • Drive Train Fluids - MP

Gear Lubricants

Chevron multipurpose gear lubricants are ideally suited for gear sets exposed to extremely high temperatures and loads.

  • Delo Gear Lubricant ESI
  • Delo Synthetic Gear Lubricant
  • Meropa®
  • RPM Arctic Gear Lubricant
  • RPM Gear Oils
  • Additional Gear Lubricants:
  • Chevron Ultra Gear
  • Open Gear Lubricants NC

Bearings, Chassis, Chains, and Cable Greases

Our greases are specially formulated for extreme pressure, wheel bearing and chassis applications operating under high loads at both high and low temperatures.

Ultri-Plex® Greases EP are multipurpose, high performance greases specially formulated for extreme pressure bearing applications operating under high and low temperature conditions. They are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including pins and bushings on buckets and loaders, shaker screens, crushers, and conveyors. They display excellent water washout resistance properties in wet, muddy, and dusty conditions.

Additional Chevron Products for Bearings, Chassis, Chains, and Cables:

  • Delo Greases EP
  • Delo Heavy Duty EP
  • Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% EP
  • Delo Heavy Duty Moly 5% EP
  • Moly EP
  • Multifak® EP
  • Starplex® Premium
  • RPM Arctic Grease
  • Ultra-Duty Greases EP
  • Open Gear Grease

Hydraulic System Oils

Rando® HD hydraulic oils are designed to give maximum hydraulic pump protection. The antiwear additives in Chevron Rando HD hydraulic oils create a protective film on the metal surfaces, minimizing metal-to-metal contact, which is most severe for vane- and gear-type hydraulic pumps. Used especially with pressures greater than 1000 psi. Rando HD hydraulic oils meet AGMA Specification 1 (ISO 46) and Specification 2 (ISO 68). They may also be used in lightly loaded reciprocating compressors.

Additional Chevron hydraulic system lubricants:

  • Rando HDZ
  • Hydraulic Oils AW
  • Clarity® Hydraulic Oils AW
  • Clarity Synthetic Hydraulic Oils AW
  • Ursa Hydraulic Oil 10W

Oil for Drills and Air-operated Tools

  • Aries®

Additional Underground Mining Lubricants

Chevron may offer more products within each category.

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