Chevron Lubricants for Construction

Diesel Engine Oils

  • Delo 400 LE
  • Delo 400 LE Synthetic
  • Delo 400 Multigrade
  • Delo 400 Synthetic
  • Ursa Super Plus EC
  • Ursa Super Plus
  • Delo 100

Cooling System Fluids

Chevron offers a range of cooling system products that includes both conventional and extended life coolants:

  • Delo Extended Life Coolants (ELC)
  • Chevron Heavy Duty Coolant/Antifreeze Phosphate Free
  • Chevron Supreme Antifreeze/Coolants

Transmission & Drive Train Fluids

Chevron offers premium grade, heavy-duty truck transmission fluids that provide exceptional thermal and oxidation stability, anti-wear performance, and extended drain intervals:

  • Delo Trans Fluid ESI
  • Delo Synthetic Transmission Fluid
  • RPM Synthetic Transmission Fluid
  • Drive Train Fluids HD
  • Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid Heavy Duty

Hydraulic System Oils

For maximum hydraulic pump protection at a range of operating temperatures and pressures, depend on Chevron high-performance hydraulic oils:

  • Rando® HD
  • Rando HDZ
  • Rando HD Premium Oil MV
  • Clarity® Hydraulic Oils AW
  • Clarity Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW

Gear Lubricants

Chevron multipurpose gear lubricants are ideally suited for gear sets exposed to extremely high temperature and loads:

  • Delo Gear Lubricant ESI
  • Delo Synthetic Gear Lubricant
  • RPM Universal Gear Lubricants
  • RPM Synthetic Gear Lubricant
  • RPM Gear Oils
  • RPM Arctic Gear Lubricant

Bearings, Chassis, Chains, and Cable Greases

Chevron's greases are specially formulated for extreme pressure, wheel bearing and chassis applications operating under high loads at both high and low temperatures:

  • Delo Greases EP
  • Delo Heavy Duty EP
  • Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% EP
  • Delo Heavy Duty Moly 5% EP
  • Black Pearl® Greases EP
  • Ultra Duty Greases
  • Open Gear Grease

Oil for Drills and Air-operated Tools

We offer proven protection for all air-operated tools, such as jackhammers and drifters, and all light, medium, and heavy rock drills.

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